The true begining of
kooky soul began.



Kooky Soul is about 4 years old but I would say I have only been able to put my all into it over the past year and I have to say it has become a huge part of my life. I am the person behind pretty much everything you see for Kooky Soul from the website to printing the clothes - and everything in between. All is self taught pretty much (photoshop has been the worst!), or I have little nuggets of experience from my past that has helped me bring everything together. I'm really excited to share that I have just opened a space in a local gym for Kooky Soul's gymwear (feels very surreal), and Kooky Soul is now also in three other stores for small local businesses which is amazing. I feel like I really know what Kooky Soul is now and it has been a long journey to get here. I really feel like I'm ready to scale up Kooky Soul and would love any support that I could get. To describe Kooky Soul; A multi-functional fashion brand with a high-street feel. Really stunning items that can be worn to the gym but also out for coffee. The fashion edge doesn't affect the quality of the gymwear neither- the quality is up there with the best. There are organic styles. I'm in the process of creating a menu dedicated to unisex clothing. Some styles go up to 4XL. Recycled packaging and the The name also really fits in the brand and myself. 100% people would say I'm Kooky and I love Kookiness. Without want to sound too hippy-ish; I love to promote love, individuality and girl power but in a subtle way. I hope this all sounds interesting to you and I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks so much, Chloe